Sensual Massage Candle by TW Home Essentials


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    TW HOME ESSENTIALS' massage candles are made from all natural, high end ingredients that nourish and moisturize the skin. Enriched with unrefined cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil and fragranced with a premium blend of the finest essential oils. They are providing unique value as a long lasting aromatherapy candle that when melted can also be used as a sensual massage oil or relaxing moisturizing lotion. They're perfect for foot massages! Plus, you can use the unmelted wax as a lip balm. TW HOME ESSENTIALS candles will help soothe away stress and tension.

    Good for your skin and soul!

    Natural aphrodisiac ,stimulant ,antidepressant and relaxant. It relieves anxiety, tension, nervousness and stress.

    Warming and energizing. It’s like snuggling up during the storm, or like eating chocolate. It penetrates the emotional shield and can provoke erotic thoughts.

    Light the candle to enjoy the wonderful scent. Extinguish flame, then use as a warm massage oil.

    Best results when applied by someone you like. Moisturizes and softens your skin. Could improve your love life. Remember you heard it from TW HOME ESSENTIALS.